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From: $90 / month and a $100 sign-up fee

Full trivia access for your customers. Brand it however you want and advertise however you want, the choice is yours. The Paid Control package includes everything listed below.

You are purchasing a monthly plan, recurring billing will occur every 30 days. You can cancel anytime (via your account).

You Get Table Cards!
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Product Description

  • Full Player Access (Spark Trivia is free for anyone to use, there is no need to download software, an app, or create an account. Spark Trivia is free to use and works on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.)
  • Multiple Categories (Select from multiple question categories or play all question in random order. During a round a player will not get the same question twice UNLESS they reset the game.)
  • Category Selector (A player can select any category and will get random questions until all question have been answered. Once all questions have been answered in a category the player will be prompted to select a new category or play all questions. When the player clicks “Reset Game” all questions are once again available in any category.)
  • Ever Growing Question Base (We’re always adding more questions to get the experience unique and fun.)
  • Social Score Sharing (At any point during play the player may share their score on Twitter or Facebook (G+ coming soon). The player clicks the icon and is prompted to add their own message to the already populated message that reads: “My score on Spark Trivia was 4 out of 5 and my grade? B-! – See if you can beat me at (link to the site)” This is a powerful way to get new players that have never heard of Spark Trivia before.
  • Device Ready (Spark Trivia is built on a responsive framework. This means that Spark Trivia adapts to all devices making play easy and more fun.)
  • Mobile Optimized (Spark Trivia looks great on mobile devices. A user can save the game on their iPhone and there’s an icon that is saved for the screen, it looks just like a native app icon.)
  • Question Percentages (Every question displays the percentage of how many people have gotten the answer correct. This allows users to compare themselves on yet another level of play to previous players.)
  • Top Scores (Competitive players will want to keep coming back to get the highest scores! Anytime a player plays over 21 questions they are then added to the top players area. It displays the date it was accomplished, the player’s score and grade. The top five are visible on every page and one page on the website is dedicated to the top 25 scores.)
  • Google Analytics (See how many people are playing on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. You can see the operating system, device used, and location of every visitor. You’ll see what websites are referring people to the site and how many questions people are playing. There is an extreme amount of data available.)
  • Hosting (All Spark Trivia platforms are privately hosted and guarantee a 99% up-time.(
  • Custom Subdomain URL  (Example: or:
  • URL Free Upgrade (You can choose if you want a full custom URL. Example: your business is Duck’s Diner so your custom trivia site URL could be (always pending availability))
  • Custom Branding (Branded just for your business. At the top of each page will be the name of your business.)
  • Business About Page (There will also be an “About” page created all about your business.)
  • Brought to You By (You’ll also have a spot under the score and share options that displays: “Brought to you by: Any Business You Want (with a link to their website) -you could have a link to your own website or sell this spot to another local business.)
  • Custom Advertising (Each and every page has an advertising spot fixed to the bottom of the page. Each advertising location is specific to the device being used (mobile, tablet, pc) -you can advertise here however you want.)
  • Ad Rotate Management (There is a built in ad-rotator that allows the business owner to put in as many ads as they want. The business owner can control how often an ad is displayed or have all ads display evenly (most common). So for example, if you have 5 advertisers (5 ads) they will equally display. Each time a new question is loaded (page loads) a new ad could display. You’ll have access to the impressions, clicks, etc of your ads!
  • Table Cards (You get 250 professionally designed, quality table cards to display the game and your business! The cards have a QR code and URL to make it easy for the customer to start playing.)


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